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2023 Annual Meeting

On Monday, August 14 at 7 PM, join us at Blackfoot Christian Fellowship for our annual meeting to vote on our board of directors, discuss our upcoming merger, and prepare for the Fall soccer season.


Are you ready?

come join us!

Blacksnake Soccer started in the fall of 1988 as a Co-Ed high school soccer team by BYSA's founding fathers, Coach Wilcox and Coach Carroll. Blackfoot and Snake River High School students had to combine to form a team. In 1988 soccer was not a sanctioned Idaho High School sport and most "High School" teams were formed as "Clubs." Since Blackfoot and Snake River combined, the "Club" chose Blacksnake as its name to honor both respective high schools. Blacksnakes Soccer was born and a nonprofit organization named Blackfoot Youth Soccer Association (BYSA) was eventually created. The High School "Club" became BYSA Blacksnake Soccer. Blacksnake Soccer was also called "Blacksnakes" for short.

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