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Parental support is critical for player development and the longevity of BYSA. There are many opportunities to be involved in supporting your child's technical, tactical, physical and mental soccer skills and abilities.

BYSA's mission is to create a strong and enduring organization that will provide an ever-expanding opportunity for the youth of our community to enjoy participating and competing in the game of soccer.  


BYSA will always strive to operate within the context of the following principles:

  • SAFETY is the top priority.

  • To create a FUN filled positive experience for every player.

  • To promote respect and sensitivity to all players, coaches, referees and spectators.

  • To DEMAND SPORTSMANSHIP to all players, coaches, referees and spectators.

  • To always put the best interest of the player our top priority while abiding by governing rules and regulations.

  • To provide access to the highest quality and appropriate programs of development for ALL players.

  • To provide an environment for coaches to develop the skills and techniques needed to coach Soccer.

  • To provide an environment for referees to develop skills and knowledge to officiate Soccer.

  • To assure all adults associated with BYSA are exemplary role models of sportsmanship, leadership and support.

  • To maintain a BALANCED PERSPECTIVE on sportsmanship and the outcomes of games.

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